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Critical Ops

Critical decisions only with Critical Ops!

In recent years, mobile games have become one of the most entertaining attractions in the digital world. And Critical Ops is definitely a position that is worth checking out. With this dynamic and fast-paced FPS, you will be thoroughly tested in terms of your reflex, aiming, tactical skills, and nerves of steel. But before you start your journey through the terrorist-infected lands, we encourage you to take a look at the official Critical Ops trailer and pump-up your adrenaline reserves. You will need it if you want to survive in the city that is swarming with violent individuals, who want to run the underground world.

Shoot’em up!

Critical Ops gameplay throws you right in the middle of criminal organizations, where you have the chance to fight on one of the sides. You can either become a vengeful destroyer who terminates all these thugs with no hesitation. Or you can be one of the merciless terrorists, and prepare a destructive attack on a large scale. The decision belongs to you. The game allows you to fight for domination alongside your friends, or as a lone wolf if you prefer this way. There are also countless numbers of weapons and upgrades, which are crucial for your character to be Critical Ops best hero or worst villain.

Stand on top of the criminal food chain

Critical Ops download is fast, easy, and it runs without any obstacles. The game uses its own currency and offers in-app purchases – in case you want better options for your game or reach the top quicker. A great way to acquire unlimited resources for the game is to use Critical Ops hack tool that also unlocks aimbots, radar hacks, wallhacks, and god mode. What’s more, it also comes with its own Critical Ops tutorial that can be quite helpful, especially at the beginning.